Fjället Gives You Wings


გამარჯობა! Are you wondering what these strange letters mean? It means "Hello" in the Georgian language - Yes, Georgia is where I come from. It's already been 3 weeks since I arrived in Gothenburg as a volunteer in Fjället within the European Solidarity Corps.

Let me start this blog by introducing myself. My name is Salome, and I am 25 years old and from Georgia. I just finished my Master's degree in Public Policy and decided to have a gap year to discover new countries, places, cultures, etc., and improve my skills at an international level. I describe myself as a positive and extrovert person. I like reading books in my free time. My one of the favorite books is ''Man's Search for Meaning''. Moreover, I love listening to music, dancing, painting, hiking and traveling. I like to challenge myself and I see these challenges as opportunities for development.

Besides, I have diverse volunteering experience in different programs which aims at youth empowerment, civil activism, strengthening society and etc. Everything changed when I received an acceptance e-mail from Fjället (I still have the screenshot of this e-mail. I consider it one of the best e-mails I have ever received). A big journey is started and I'm going to write blogs about this journey.

From the first minutes I entered Fjället, I had a great time; My journey here started with a youth camp, which was planned, organized, and managed by children and everything ended well. I got familiar with young people in Fjället. I devoted these weeks to getting to know the volunteer activities in Fjället, getting to know the children, and getting to know Gothenburg as much as possible. All I want to say now is that I am very motivated and enthusiastic about spending my next 7 months volunteering in Fjället.