I hope someday everyone can become volunteers ...


It is Songül, this is my second blog in my volunteering adventure. I came from Turkey to Sweden to work as a volunteer within the EU-program European Solidarity Corps. I would like to tell about my experiences in Sweden so far.

From the beginning, to be in Sweden was challenging for me. As you can guess the cold weather and the winter. it was quite cold in winter. But I try to see good sides of some challenge that I have had. In my country, we were complaining about how we don't have enough snow. Here I experienced snowy weather and it was good feeling to feel snow. 

Also I can say that, Sweden has the best nature. I feel so relaxed here. There is no traffic and chaotic life. Where I live there is a lake nearby, I take a walk and listen to nature. I enjoy the natural beauty. The best of Sweden from my point of view.

Now, I would like to tell about my volunteering work adventure. Working as a volunteer brings some responsibility and you should work without any expectations. If you want to be a volunteer like me, you should think carefully where you want work. I feel so lucky to work in Fjälllet. It's a unique Youth Center to support children. The kids are very special and they are open to talk to people. We all have fun during my working time Fjället. We teach something to kids and we learn something from kids. Sharing is one of the best things working in Fjället. It makes me happy such a youth center exists to support children and for me to be part of this youth center.

I also work Mini-Fjället, the same youth center but for younger kids age 10-12. We organize some activities, competitions, cooking, meetings and we talk and answer questions if they have questions about life, sexual education etc. Sometimes we help them to do their homework, we play different various card and board games. 

I regularly visit school to introduce Fjället and Mini-Fjället. Me and other volunteer invite students to Fjället, during those school visits. I was curious about the education system in Sweden, before I came here. To visit school answered some of my questions about Swedish education system and it was very interesting for me. 

Fjället is looking for volunteers to send them to abroad to a new short term volunteering project this summer. That is why we visited Angered Gymnasium a few times to promote the project. I shared my experiences about being volunteer. This is a great feeling when you have experiences, you can share it and help people. I hope someday everyone can become volunteers and experience such a great experience in this life. / Love Songül