Hey it's Songül!


Hey, It is Songül from Turkey. I was born and raised in Turkey. I graduated form University. I have worked as a volunteer for kids before. That is why I wanted to join European solidarity corps . I have been working as a volunteer for 1,5 months in Fjället. While I try to discover Gothenburg city. I can say, time passes quickly.

I got the change working Mini Fjället and also with older kids. We organized many many activities for kids. I have enjoyed working with kids in my time here. I even learned how to cook taco, kids taught me how to cook it , As you can see, we keep sharing our ideas in Fjället. I try to share my knowledge with kids. I learn some information from kids, especially about Swedish language. I have been studying Swedish, because Swedish is different language to me. I was studying Swedish before I came in Sweden. I am happy kids help me a lot in my language journey.

I worked with kids before in my country . I believe every kid is special, every kid have different talents. I try to help kids discover themselves in Fjället. This is one of the purpose in my working as a volunteer. There is a word about child education;  "You can not expect a child to swim if s/he is talented to fly." I hope I can help kids to discover their talents and I can organize activities according interests of children, while I do my volunteer work.

Now I still try to integrate in Swedish culture. I did not have a big culture shock for now - Swedes was helpful to me. Also, I did not have much difficulty in communicating with children.. who knows what time brings. I will be sharing my new experiences with you, until that time, see you in next blog post.

Love Songül...