It's spring in Fjället


Spring has arrived in the centre of Rannebergen and in Fjälllet. Spring brought a lot of news, a positive mood, and joy. Every working day becomes very pleasant.

Many interesting things have happened in the past months. Together with my colleague, I started planning and organizing girls' nights out, which is one of my favourite parts of my job. Together with the children, I am planning a flea market in the summer, which we are excited about and want to plan and organize a very good event together.

One of the outstanding experiences for me during this month was the activities carried out on the concept of "Love is Free" in the school, communicating with children, and planning and implementing activities for them. In addition, Fialeti will send young people to Georgia this summer, and I am involved in the promotion of a short-term volunteer program, which is a very pleasant process.

Everything is full of positivity and joy in Fialet, which makes me very happy and I like what I do. Each child is unique and special, which makes the work environment very special.

Thank you!