January Blogg


All you need to know about Fjället! Are you wondering how the year 2023 started and continues in the youth center Fjället? Here's our story.

January was full of various fun activities. Kids and young people in Fjället planned and implemented interesting activities for them. January started with a youth camp, which was planned and organized by young people. Wondering what camp was like? Watch the video here.

In addition to the camp, we hosted "Girls Night", where the girls planned and held FIFA and tennis championships. The winners received special prizes. Besides, the "Boys Dinner "which is organized every other Thursday, was devoted to discussion on many interesting topics, through which young people shared their visions, thoughts, and experiences with each other. In addition, kids had the opportunity to get help with their homework from the staff of Fjället.

It is interesting how all this is planned, and who makes the decisions. Fjället allows its members to decide what activities they want to do; young people have the freedom to make decisions. All this is discussed in a big meeting, where the next month's activities are chosen by discussion and voting.

To sum up, Fjället is a place where the development of young people, the development of their creative thinking, sharing of knowledge and experience is highly supported.

Stay with us and wait for more news.