Last moments of the year


Train of reflective thoughts, sometimes it happens that you enter in a spiral of reflective thoughts and you can't help it, whenever it happens because of break-up or because it's almost the end of the year and you start to go trough all of photos in your phone, we've all been there! And today I'll share with you my own. 


Snow being so cold managed to bring up warm memories of Christmas spent with family and friends, it's inevitable not to miss them in the period approaching holidays; but hold and behold a host organization in Örebro of fellow ESC volunteers hosted a volunteer meetup for those in my situation!
"Awsome people" really lived up to its name, I got to know beautiful people from all over the world, useless to say that it was extremely fun, it wasn't your usually hangout of youths in their twenties, I had the pleasure of participating in activities ranging from: baking, touring the city, playing games and so on.
I will treasure this fateful experience, I'm really glad I got to bond with those people and thank you so much to Awsome People for providing this event.
This is an instagram reel by the organization, check it out!

On my way back to Göterborg I managed to get lost, I had to take 3 trains and the second one was late by 15 minutes which was enough to miss the last trip; I got stuck in Karlstad for the whole night but luckily Fjällets boss knew someone from that city and I didn't have to spend the night outside with -13 degrees.


In the last months we did a lot of activities, we did pyssle art and christmas crafts in general and of course that cute charmender was made by yours truly; there was a christmas event in rannerbergen centrum where kids could ride a pony,draw and participate in pepparkakshus(gingerbread house) decorating competition.
We also went to: Rush, a cool place to parkour, Åbybadet, an infrustructure boasting multiple pools and water slides, jumpyard, literally a place filled with jumping pads, Angered arena where we Ice Skated and Foodie, an asian restourant.

Foodie wasn't the only occasion where we got to eat tasty food, I got to experience what a "julbord" is, it's basically a christmass buffet with a lot of traditional food raging from cold fish dishese to meatballs.

Meetings and team building

Every week we have a meeting where we discuss the schedule, trackback what we did and analize problems that need to be addressed. It's obviously time consuming since there are a lot of things to talk about, it is as needed just as it is lenghty and I honestly like those meetings as I feel like I'm an integrated part of staff and I can give my honest opinions.

We had a meeting where we discussed this new 2024, useless to say that it was way longer than your avarage meeting but the organisation took the chance to include teambuilding as well, we got to eat togheter at lunch and dinner togheter and went for a more informal enviroment after everything was finished, which was much appreciated by me.

We also got the chance to enjoy Julbord at Villa Belparc, fency resturant in a natural park where you're able to see penguins and other nordic animals like raindeers.

Non è tutto rose e fiori

"It's not all roses and flowers" it's an italian way to say that not everything goes well or as planned, but that's a hard truth that as soon as we come in terms with we'll be able to live in a more relaxed way;

human beings are prone to make mistakes eventually, that's something that I got to discover pretty early in my IT carreer; I did so many mistakes during my service at fjället that I wish the ground would open up and swallow me; the only thing I can do is trying to actively try to continuously improve and it's totally fine if sometimes I won't be able to, because that's just how it is.

If you managed to read up until this point I sincerely thank you, I hope you'll be able to fulfill your new year premises.

Yours truly,
~Nel Cipriano