Nel from Italy


Ever been to a country where you don't know anyone and the local language? Sounds like a dream to you?Well guess what? I'm living that dream right now.

I'm Nel Cipriano, I'm 21 years old and I come from Italy. I worked as an It consultant and as a Devops Engenieer while in my freetime I was a scoutmaster. I like playing videogames and all sorts of nerd stuff, but if you met me even once you would know that I really like to hang out with people whenever I can. I decided that if I wanted to go in another country for one year it would have been this one otherwise I would 've missed the chance in my lifetime; while I was looking all the possible projects I got to know about ESC , and suddenly 4 days later I found myself accepted as a Volunteer in FjÄllet Kooperative, it 's crazy because It 's been a whole week since I came in Sweden and it still doesn 't feel real... or that's what I would say if the cold didn't continuously remind me that I actually am on a different country full of new adventures ; )

So far I'm liking it here very much, I believe in youth empowerment and of course there are many differences between my home country and Sweden(actually a lot) but I didn't expect to see this many just from the first few days I've been here; what I'm trying to say is that FjÄllet has all the requisite to make kids grow in a safe environment while having loads of fun, I've had quite a childhood myself, that's why I would love projects like scouts and youth centers. I came trying to suppress any kind of expectations but I find myself looking forward to spend my next 11 months here.

Thank you for reading up until now,

Yours truly Nel Cipriano.